G Billa

    F. Gary Bills II, better known as DJ G Billa, was born and raised in Jackson, TN. Gary grew up with an instant love for music. All kinds of music at that. As a child, Gary was known for singing, dancing, and even mixing music. He became G Billa in his early 20s and was known for free-styling and producing his own music. G Billa is influenced by artists/groups like Eightball & MJG, 2Pac, Devin the Dude, Crucial Conflict, and Ludacris, down to soulful artist, such as D’Angelo, Brandy, and Anthony Hamilton. In his late 20s, G Billa became DJ G Billa, and is known to get any party jumping and keep it going all night long! 


    DJ Billa’s hobbies include DJ’ing, skating, spending time with friends/family, and cooking. G Billa has a degree in Culinary and is now pursuing a degree in Mass Communications. 


    With DJ G Billa being a native to Jackson, TN, he is indebted to his community and our youth of tomorrow; DJ G Billa is known for volunteering in a series of events throughout the city such as AIDS Awareness, Voting, and events that cater to Community Outreach. 


    Catch Jackson’s favorite DJ weekly on Hot 96.1 with the hottest Hip Hop, Mon-Fri, from 12P-6P! Also download the app Hot 96.1 and stream live anywhere at any time! 


    Tuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnn Uuuuuupppp!!! 


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